Thursday, 29 October 2009

I wanna suck your....

...blood of course. It's a seasonal thing.

I first heard Drac's Back by the Bollock Brothers when my friend Ken played it at a Halloween party in my house a few years ago. It's a story about a vampire preying on 'easy pickings at the discotheque', delivered in a fabulously deadpan voice over a tinny dicso backing. So be careful what you get up to this Saturday night or you might wake up next to a monster.

Posting this next track involves a confession, I'm a Cliff Richard fan. The man is sex on legs, and he's also pure filth. Under that chunky jumper beats a dark heart. We rarely get to see the real Cliff, but he surfaces on his 1976 track, and career highpoint, Devil Woman.

Cliff singing sweetly as an angel, and seemingly oblivious to the sexual groaning in the background, warns us to watch out for the devil woman. Lets be clear, the song isn't about a woman at all. It's about a 'tall dark stranger giving you what you hadnt planned' This devil is 'gonna get you from behind'.

The video is amazing, I think it must date from around the same era as my parents wedding album because the special effects are very similar - Cliff inside a crystal ball, Cliff in an eyeball, Cliff seen through a giant bubbling potion.

And check out those moves. Cliff claws the air like his life depended on it. I'd love to dance to this in a club sometime. The dance would probably also work to 'Lovecats'. In fact, I can't think of a song that wouldnt be enhanced by it.

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