Monday, 24 January 2011

Duvet Disco

DUVET DISCO by gibletsounds

Don't get up. Tuck in. Cuddle up.

When We Kiss – Bardeaux
I Keep Forgetting – Michael McDonald (Andrew Clarke re-edit)
Life Time Groove – Marcos Cabral and Shux
Deetour – Karen Young
This Brutal House – Nitro DeLuxe
Don't You Want My Love – Vera
Addicted to Love – Sondra Prill
I Can't Go For That – Hall and Oates (Kati K edit)
Love Me Tonight – Fern Kinney (Channel 83 edit)
I Allways Say Yes – Glass Candy
Lucky – Donna Summer
Don and Sherri – Hot Chip
With Every Heartbeat – Robyn (KLEERUP remix)
Concentrate On Us – The Isolators
Transdance – Night Moves

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