Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Whip crack away!

A Doris Day film is always a welcome event; not only does it fill the cinema with customers, it fills the air with song. In this happy instance we are treated to a lively wild west musical shivaree, based on the experiences of that fabulous individualist Calamity Jane. Matching Doris' inimitable musical stylings is the virile voice of her partner, Howard Keel. His rich baritone is a splendid foil for Doris' more intimate singing. Together they present a most attractive pairing, both visually and vocally.

At the start of the film Calamity is a cross dressing savage who knows nothing about pretty things. Then actress Katie Brown comes to live in her cabin and teaches her about chintz and gingham, Calamity can now embrace her femininity. Her independence tamed, Calamity gets herself a man and the film ends happily with a double marraige. 

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