Monday, 2 August 2010

The sweet sound of abuse

If they'd arrested Phil Spector after he produced this record back in 1962 they'd have saved everybody a lot of trouble. He hit me(and it felt like a kiss) doesn't justify domestic violence, it celebrates it. The message is essentially that women probably deserve a slap every so often and should be grateful to have a man that cares enough to administer one.

The vocals, by my favourite of Spector's many girl groups  the Crystals, are delivered without a trace of irony and Spector's arrangement conveys a sort of savage romance which I have to say I find rather appealing. The song was not a commercial success, despite the undoubted widespread popularity of intimate partner abuse both in America and internationally.

POP TRIVIA - Amy Winehouse is on record as saying this is her favourite song of all time!

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