Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bitch Tracks

It seems like back in early 90s New York all the trannies got mic'd up and started spewing filth over a bunch of house records, creating a sub-genre in the process - bitch tracks. It's really hard to find out much about these songs,. And I'm guessing that's because most of the trannies that performed them have long since dissapeared, the only evidence of their existance being a few crumpled dresses and mouldy wigs gathering dust in old men's attics, or Crusaid Charity Shops.

Anyhow here are two of the best. 'Get huh' by The Ride Committee feat. Roxy is the sound of a vicious drag queen bitch fight playing out to the bitter bitter end.

And 'Hateful Head Helen' by Sweet Pussy Pauline is a song about cock. There's a nice interview with Sweet Pussy Pauline(aka Candy J) here, and she sounds like a surprisingly lovely lady.

Hateful Head Helen - Sweet Pussy Pauline


  1. It's a highly underrated genre. This was a favourite at 63 Falmouth House


  2. wow I love it! thanks for sharing.