Monday, 13 December 2010

Oh no! We're not merry No!

Poly Styrene of X Ray Spex fame has unexpectedly surfaced with a rather fantastic downbeat Christmas song about a killer Santa. And not being a very good capitalist she's giving it away as a free download on her sexy website - all you have to do is sign up to her mailing list.

By way of context here's some background on Bruce Pardo - the Santa Claus killer, courtesy of Newsvine.

"California's 'Santa Claus Killer' Murders Eight at Party, Burns Down House, Bombs Own Car Before Committing Suicide"

A California man who had gone through a bad divorce dressed up like Santa, went to his ex in-law's Christmas party, and murdered at least eight people before killing himself.
Bruce Pardo, 45, has been identified by police as the 'Santa Claus Killer.' It is believed he murdered both his ex-wife and his in-laws during the killing spree.
Pardo walked up to the door of the house where the party was going on, carrying a large box wrapped as a present. When a young girl answered the door, he shot her and forced his way inside the home, randoming shooting other people and spraying a flammable liquid from a device he carried inside the box.
Pardo's car later exploded during the initial investigation by police, leading police to believe Pardo may have placed some type of bomb in the car.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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