Thursday, 3 December 2009


Switzerland, spiritual home of brotherly love and cuckoo clocks...bans minerets in a spontaneous act of populist Islamophobia? I think they were just doing it for the attention. God knows when Switzerland will be topical again so I might as well take the opportuity to post a couple of tracks by one of my favourite Swiss bands, Kleenex.

Kleenex were an all girl punk group who exploded out of the suburbs of Zurich's famously dull suburbs in the late 70's. The tissue manufacturer sued them shortly after and they were forced to change their name to Liliput. Their songs are nice and ramshackle, and they sound like they were having a lot of fun. There's a interviewing interview with Marlene Marder, the lead guitarist, here

Kleenex - Ain't You
Kleenex - Heidis Head 

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