Friday, 9 April 2010

Death of a rubbish rapper

 And if you think peace is a common goal that goes to show how little you know. 

Malcolm McLaren loved to stir up trouble. Annabella Lwin was 13 years old when he plucked her from her Saturday job in a laundrette and made her lead singer of BowWowWow. He teamed her up with a bunch of musicians he robbed off Adam Ant. Their first single was a song about the joys of music piracy and the cover of their first album prompted a police inquiry due to the naked image of adolescent sex kitten Lwin on the cover.

News of McLarens death saddens me. I saw an interview with Nile Rogers a while ago where he talked about working with McLaren on his Duck Rock album back in the early 80's and said what an awful rapper McLaren was. Apparently he had no natural rhythm. I found this strangely endearing. 

Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch

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