Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another man x2 = Double the pleasure

You know when you think everything is in place and what you think you have is not what you really have at all, because in my case what I thought I had was NOT an entire whole man but a facsimile thereof (ummm, ummm).

Another Man, Barbara Mason's song about the Downlow phenomenon, came out on homo Mel Cherens West-End Records in 1983, the year of my birth. Barbara's got a problem, her boyfriend's calling out the wrong name when they make love, stealing her sexy clothes (ooh child!) and swishing more than she does. She sings her troubles to a greek chorus of her girlfriends who provide back-up vocals and expressions of concern/disgust as appropriate.

Another version of the song was put out the same year by a group called Tout Sweet, but with the lyrics adapted to tell the story from the boyfriends perspective. 

I can't find anything out about Tout Sweet but I suspect this version was an attempt to cash in on the songs gay appeal by toning down the homophobia and  doubling the pleasure. They make it much better(in my opinion).

Barbara Mason - Another Man
Tout Sweet - Another Man 

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