Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Pervert Cleric

 I just came across this article about Emyr Owen, a Welsh clergyman who chopped the genitals off dead parishioners. The journalist clearly revels in Owen's depravity, his article's full of salicious detail, homophobic asides and an almost pornographic list of the 'sinister collection of tools' used by the vicar to castrate his victims. I was fully erect by the end and I didn't even have to use my syringe.

Owen claimed to have been driven to commit these acts as a result of a crisis of faith, which I find entirely credible. There is a long tradition of gay men being drawn towards, or forced into, the church at a young age. Having been indoctrinated in self hatred at the seminary and then forced to repress his desire for decades its hardly surprising that Owen's sexuality expressed itself in peculiar ways. It's not the cleric who is perverse, it's the situation in which he preaches. And anyway, what use is a cock to a cadaver?

St Stephen by Doctor Millar and the Beet Club is a song about a priest having a crisis of faith, but it doesn't involve the castration of corpses and has a happier ending. Millar is a fantastic songwriter and lyricist - and you check out and purchase more of his work here.

Doctor Millar and the Beet Club - St Stephen

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