Sunday, 22 November 2009

I can't stand the news

You know things are bad when the word 'biblical' is used to describe the weather. But for Sky News every cloud has a silver lining. Their coverage of the floods has been a voyeuristic frenzy of traumatised narratives and dramatic footage(!) of devastated villages and collapsing bridges(count them). They have a knack for translating real tragedy into unreal disaster-porn.

How could they rachet up the pathos a few more notches I wondered? Then I thought of Tina Turner. What better to underscore a "Flood Victims tell Sky of their Woes" montage?

The Mindless Boogie label have released a great edit of this song and they're giving it away to celebrate their 20th release, so enjoy it guilt free.

Tina Turner - I Can't Stand the Rain (Villa edit)

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