Monday, 11 January 2010

Lady 'GayGay' - the backlash begins!

                                                                                (photo: Peter Fingleton)
GaGa's had it good so far. 2009 was the year when her cherry pie was forced relentlessly down our throats. Her face stared back at me from every newspaper and magazine I bought. Her music spread like wildfire, first taking hold in the gay bars, before going on to infect doctors' waiting rooms, supermarkets, elevators, dentists waiting rooms, airport baggage reclaim halls, telephone 'hold' lines.

Despite her growing ubiquity, she continued to enjoy a remarkably uncritical response from fans and the media as the year wore on. By Christmas she had begun to mirror the worst excesses of the medieval Roman Catholic church and was selling relics of herself. I mean, even the Catholics had the decency to wait until a saint died before hocking off bits of them. Soon, I told myself, the reformation would come. 

And it has, in the form of the Westboro Bapist Church (whilst not Gaga-bashing they're often seen sporting placards of the 'Thank God for AIDs' and 'God Hates FAGS' variety). Their song 'Whore-ish Face' strips away the mask to reveal GaGa as the filthy god hating fag-enabler that she is. Go sing it from the mountain children!

Westboro Baptist Church - Whoreish Face

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