Sunday, 17 January 2010

‘Oh, look it’s the Gameboy guy’

I went to a party last night and one of my friends started telling me about Dj Scotch Egg, a peculiar performer who he'd seen in Leeds a few years ago. The unusual thing about Scotch Egg, apart, obviously, from his name, was that he Dj'd off a gameboy. I was sceptical at first when told he used to habitually throw scotch eggs at the crowd on the dancefloor, but having seen some videos of him in action I'm inclined to believe it. Here he is exploring his love-hate relationship with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Today I had planned to write about David E Sugar, who, I just discovered, also uses a gameboy (rewired as a sequencer) to make his music. His first record came out on a Leeds based label, so perhaps he knows Mr Scotch Egg. 

Both were part of the chip music scene when it became super trendy in the early-mid-noughties. Both reference food in their names. According to his website Scotch Egg's debut album was recorded over an intensive 30 day period, in which he consumed only KFC products. Listening to Sugar's music it seems plausible that he follows a similarly extreme diet, perhaps skittles and hawaiian punch powdered drink mix. His music often has a frantic beat, with thrilling bleeping synths and hangdog vocals, The Postal Service on amphetimines?  


David E Sugar - Medicine 
David E Sugar - To Yourself

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