Monday, 25 January 2010

These New Puritans at Bush Hall

I've just seen These New Puritans play their new album 'Hidden' more or less in its entirety. The gig started off with a gentle sort of elegy on woodwind and brass. 'Has somebody died?' the drunk boy beside me asked, before optimistically shouting 'play Elvis!'

What followed was an hour of beautiful dissonance - Jack Barnett flailing around as if in a trance, backed by french horn, bassoon, and an absolutely enormous drum that their drummer bet furiously with what looked like a giant club. They sounded like a deranged marching band, with glimmers of Mahler, the Kinks and god knows what else.

An early favourite from the new album is 'Attack Music' which combines a childrens choir with the sound of knives being sharpened - enjoy!

These New Puritans - Attack Music 

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