Monday, 8 February 2010

The Lexicon of Love #1: Heartbreak

Each day this week I'm going to post some of my favourite songs that deal with different facets of love; namely lust, obsession, possession, treacle, incest, and religious mania. But I'll start where it usually ends - heartbreak. 

Just because you're heartbroken doesn't mean you have to start whining and boring your friends. Take some advice from Edith Massey and suck it up.
"You broke my heart and you made me cry
You hurt me when you were around
But now I'M back to let YOU know
You'll never keep THIS big girl down"

But if self empowerment doesn't help then perhaps wishing death on your estranged partner and fantasising about tap dancing on his grave will do it - as demonstrated in the below clip by the ladies of Sunnyside Lane (the polite conversation segues into something more lively around the 3minute mark, as is so often the way).

The Blue Lyres - You Rascal You

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