Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Lexicon of Love #2: Lust

I learned to differentiate between love and lust by listening to the music in gay discos. The songs about love were invariably depressing and centred on rejection, loneliness and heartbreak, whilst lust songs were up-tempo, more fun and better for dancing to.

One of the all time classic Hi-NRG disco lust songs is Miguel Brown's 'So Many Men, So Little Time', ironically released at a time when AIDs was starting to decimate the gay scene. Particularly hard-hit were those who frequented the sort of gym-cum-sauna arrangement Miguel can be seen prancing through below.

Another classic lust song is Lollipop Lips by Connie Francis, the Madonna of the 1950's. Connie specialised in tear-jerker ballads like 'Who's Sorry Now' and 'Everybodies Somebodies Fool' but she occassionally ventured into more frisky territory with songs like 'Lipstick on Your Collar' and 'Where the Boys Are'. Not too frisky though - in 1999 Connie sued the producers of a trashy High School movie called Jawbreaker for using 'Lollipop Lips' as the background music for a sex scene. Actually I haven't seen Jawbreaker but it looks hilarious, here's the trailer, and the whole thing's on YouTube.


Miguel Brown - So Many Men So Little Time (12' mix)

Connie Francis - Lollipop Lips

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