Monday, 8 March 2010

I got to know the Pope the hard way

"Put on some music, swallow a Viagra, and adelante!" 
The news that young priests and choir boys in Vatican City are being co-opted into a gay prostitution ring is hardly surprising, I mean what's the point in the Catholic Church having its own state if a Papal Gentleman can't have a good time?

These songs about prostitution go out to all the whores in the Holy See. First up is a song doesnt beat around the bush - Detroit disco classic, I Took His Money, by Hott City.

 As the title suggests, the song is about exchanging sex for money. Best lyric - 
I got to know this man the hard way
I sure you know just what I mean
I gave him all the love he needed
and in return he gave me green
Moving into darker territory, No Matter is a song about trauma, abuse, and sexual disassociation. It's by an obscure Italo group called Lowell, and came out on the Swiss TamTam label in 1985. I'd love to know if they made any other records? Discogs fails me.

Hott City - I Took His Money

Lowell - No Matter

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