Monday, 22 March 2010

Welsh rarebits

Here are some tracks by two of my favourite Welsh bands. Young Marble Giants are one of those infuriating groups who release one amazing album then disapear. That album, Collosal Youth, is one of the few records I can keep listening to but never tire of. Their sound was minimal, fragile/powerful, deceptively simple, intimate - it sounds like they're in your bedroom with you. They made music designed to be listened to in bedrooms. Their name was mentioned in almost every review of the XX last year. Kurt Cobain liked them too.

Datblygu are a much more obviously Welsh band. For a start almost all their songs are sung in Welsh. Seemingly arbitrary sequences of consonants run riot, although you get the feeling that if the lyrics were in English they would be equally crytic. Casserole Efeilliaid is a song I first heard on the lovely 'Under the Influence' album compiled by the Super Furry Animals. It might be about casserole. 

Young Marble Giants - Searching for Mr Right

Datblgu - Casserole Efellliaid

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