Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thunder in her gowl


I was over in Dublin last weekend at the annual heel-clickin' snake-banishin' roller-coaster donkey-ride of glamorous despair, also known as the Alternative Miss Ireland. Far and away my favourite contestant was Deca de Rosmary (pictured above) whose act was based around the annunciation and its aftermath - culminating in a projectile birth to a Leo Sayer soundtrack, I love this song.

Walking home that same night I remembered that Leo Sayer has a doppelganger in the form of Gilbert O'Sullivan - who was Sayers principal Irish competitor for the lucrative frizzy perm/soft rock market back in the '70s. Here he is dueting with Lulu on her TV variety show - bad dog baby!

I picked up one of O'Sullivan's albums in the Notting Hill Exchange shop for 10p a while back and meant to post some tracks off it for Mothers day (Mammys love Gilbert, well mine does). So here goes - better late then never.

Leo Sayer - Thunder in My Heart

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (naturally)

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